ONSITE Recycling Services, LLC - Water-based Recyling Equipment


ONSITE Recycling Services, LLC provides the best Waste Water Treatment Systems from selected manufacturers, to Companies, by reducing liquid hazardous waste discharge

AquaPure Water Treatment Systems (All Sizes for Clean Water Discharge/ Reuse)

OnSite's Water Recycling Programs
  • Waste Water Equipment (less disposal, less cost, Go Green)
  • Automatic Operation (less operator intervention)
  • Treatment Tank(s) (as fast as 1 batch per 10 minutes)
  • Heavy Duty Agitator (efficiency)
  • Allen Bradley PLC (U. L. Nema 4X Control Panel)
  • Air Operated (directional flow valves)
  • De-Watering Hopper (drain system)
  • Automatic Chemical Feed (utilizing our Patent Chemical Adaptive)
  • Proposal, References, One Day System Start-Up (included)

Call us at 651-247-7414 for information about the newest Waste Water Treatment Systems we offer.

CORPORATE OFFICE: 651-247-7414

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